Me by Ada - 2021
Learning, becoming and honouring

I am a listener. I am also a musician and a violist, a curious researcher and an adventurer. The word “impossible” doesn’t exist in my dictionary. I honour my teachers Soon-Mi Chung, Alf Richard Kraggerud, Henning Kraggerud, Bjørn Sjøgren, Tabea Zimmermann and Veronika Hagen for their clear guidance and patience and for supporting me in finding rich emotional acoustics and a reliable technique.

I honour the orchestras where I was allowed to dive into the big wonderful repertoire of classical music: Mahler Youth Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic, Orchestra Mozart, Spiramirabilis and Geneva Camerata.

I honour the conductors who helped me open my ears: Heinz Wallberg, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Claudio Abbado and Bernard Haitink and my wonderful chamber music colleagues Bernd Glemser, Joanna Kamenarska, Christian Ihle Hadland, Ida Bryhn, Lorenza Borrani, Danusha Waskiewicz and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

I love my instruments: a viola built in 1999 by Barbara Gschaider and a Campanula Quinton (a viola with an E string and 7 resonance strings) built by Helmut Bleffert.

I honour the time I had with the Faust Quartett: the long rehearsals, the discussions, the search for our path, the sharing of travels, rooms, clothes, pregnancies, problems , passions and more than anything the profound and unifying space with music.

I honour David Greilsammer for moving a whole orchestra out of their comfort zones: he made us play by memory and dance, while Juan Cruz taught us how to fill every moment and every note with our authentic and ever fresh truth.

I honour Dimitri Ashkenazy for how he showed me real listening and how he guided me in the process of creating “Be The Music”. I honour myself to have the courage to keep my focus on Be The Music which is a guidance for musicians to open into a new dimension of connecting and performing.

I honour Mooji for showing me where the real silence is. I am grateful to life, to music and to all beings. Still listening….