Intentive Intuitive

With Intentive Intuitive I want to inspire you to play intuitive music with a clear essence. What can we move with our sounds? How does the music influence us and the listeners? Through the placement of an intention before playing we can give directions to our sounds and we can communicate the music and its essence on a very deep level. Besides performing we can use this kind of playing as self-care, meditation, communication exercises as well as inquiry. But more than anything, it can help us to be totally present with our notes, sounds, music, with our being and with each other.

“Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen, träumt in ihnen fort und fort. Die ganze Welt fängt an zu singen, triffst du nur das Zauberwort.”

This wonderful poem by J.v. Eichendorff has encouraged me to hear “the song which sleeps in all things”. When I listen carefully and connect to a chosen “thing” (being, phenomenon, plant , object, artwork et al.) - I do hear the song….

I will happily introduce you to intentive intuitive playing in a 3-day preliminary course. This little course suits both professionals and amateurs on all instruments. You receive exercises and work on them for yourself before we meet for a personal exchange (probably digitally). Intentive intuitive playing expands our hearing as well as our musical skills and it teaches us to listen beyond the notes.