Ada Meinich is an uncommonly versatile violist. Born in Oslo in 1980, she began her formal studies in her hometown before fine- tuning her particular musical expression in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Berlin and Salzburg as a student of, among others, Bjørn Sjøgren, Tabea Zimmermann and Veronika Hagen.

While studying she was asked to substitute in the Berlin Philharmonic and later on she worked in Claudio Abbado’s “Orchestra Mozart” in Bologna. In 2008 she joined the Faust Quartett and performed with them all through Central Europe and Oceania up until 2015. She has played at many renowned festivals and venues, both as a soloist and in chamber music. Her partners are, among others, Bernd Glemser, Julia Schröder, Andrew Haveron, Eric Lamb, Dimitri Ashkenazy and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

Ada’s main emphasis in music has always been to search for, express and communicate the essence of music. In 2018, after many years of experiments and investigation, she created the holistic performance practice “Be The Music”, a teaching method focused on how to use your whole being as an instrument while performing. The same year Ada also invited to the first “Be The Music” festival on the island Hvasser in Oslofjord. It has become an annual festival called Klassisk ved Havet where many concerts are played outside in nature on Campanula instruments. “Play what you are or be what you play” is the guideline, both for the festival as well as for all Ada’s work with music.

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