the slow breath takes me on
carries me through the desert
drives me inwards
and dries my drops of sorrow
slowly swallowed down
like drowning into the dust
the slow breath


ich bin frühlings flüssig
ich bin frei
ich fange meine Schmetterlinge spät am abend im Mondschein
rund und leuchtend so der kreis
von menschen-herzen ganz in weiss
wünsche wirren, suchen ihren platz
träume fliegen nahe und schleichen zwischen tag und nacht
was ist denn Wirklichkeit, mein Schatz?

My soul’s dressed in green

remember the secret
the secret of flow
with millions of melodies
all in a row

the waves of the secret
spread fast all its tones
crowded with colours
my limbs, lungs and bones

tinted in fairy tales
creamed in caramel chords
baked with a blue coda
topped with a touch of soul


every minute’s an hour
my soul’s dressed in green
my cells are all blooming
all in between 

my body’s a bubble
fulfilled, stretched and wide
with millions of melodies
all deep inside 

the secret spread softly strong seventeen
sparkling alive in fifth floor limousine

crazy chords climbing into my soul
bottles and bobbles and boxes beyond
soap slippers, sisters and lovers with foam

creeping the corners
climbing crazy chords
stretching and bending
expanding towards

the secret you gave me
still can't keep still
constantly grooving and 


it was early
like the spring
it was sparkling in the wind

seven sounds slept inside me
with a breath of truth
they filled me and formed me
and phrased me to my heart seven sounds

in the beat I saw them
playing, pumping, proudly
pushing passing praying

seven sounds lived upon me
guided me with guts
grilled me, drilled me, drifted me apart
drove me far
drove me from
drove me on
to the ohm

within the sounds I found my source of wisdom
turned in circles, swept me, touched my trust
trilled and ‘triste’, tripping in tales
tall and true just loving you

the seven sounds

Trust trigger

the truth broke the trust

twisted time-tellers and travelers are hurrying hard to help
thrilling thirds trip carefully on tiptoe towards the pain

the truth-tellers says it is the expectations
of the superficial confirmation
the fear of frozen hope
and the slightest chance of not being able to cope

the trust-tellers says it is the experience
testing the path of your patterns
the love marks of the mothers biting under the skin
and shaking the skeleton like dry crust in the wind

the deep trust can not fall
the deep trust is the belief in life as unfinished, 

incalculable and unbearable incomplete
you are the trust