Be The Music

November, 2018

I am delighted and honoured to present "Be The Music” as a concert-lecture at the International Viola Congress in Rotterdam, 2018.

Ganzheitliche Musikbegegnung

August, 2017

Ganzheitliche Musikbegegnung ist eine offene Art Klangtherapie. Mein Ziel ist es, dass unsere Begegnung Ihren eigenen Fluss anregt und dass Sie näher an Ihre Lebensfreude heran kommen. Dies kann unterschiedlichste Form annehmen, wie z.B. ein Privat-Konzert, ein Instrumentalunterricht oder eine Therapie. Meistens aber wird es eine Mischung von all diesen Formen sein.

Review Shostakovich Viola Sonata

Ada Meinich’s warm and velvety viola together with Ashkenazy’s sonorous pianism brings not only sumptuous results, but a quite sanguine outlook that underscores the work’s richness of invention.
Des Hutchinson

Recording of Jean Françaix's Trio

Jean Françaix's trio for clarinet, viola and piano is one of the most virtuoso pieces I have ever played. Françaix writes for the viola full of lightness and fun instead of melancholy. I worked extremely hard to be convincing in Françaix's style, and I learned to adore his musical language. It is very accurate, sincere and communicative. In April 2016 I recorded this great trio with two of my favourite musicians: Bernd Glemser and Dimitri Ashkenazy.

Release of Shostakovich Viola Sonata CD

June, 2016

I am delighted to present my recording of the Shostakovich Viola Sonata with Vladimir Ashkenazy for Decca.
You can find the CD here.


May, 2016

In May 2016 I did the premiere of my solo performance, “Zarabanda”. I have always been fascinated and touched by the sarabande and decided to find out how this dance started and what influences it has had. It has been a fantastic journey, with lots to discover. I have learned about old Persian poems, the Spanish inquisition, about the effects of power.. and I am still working on playing the castagnettes, and dancing the sarabande. Please contact me if you want more press material about the Zarabanda concert.


Basel, Spring 2015

Yes, that’s right, I am expanding from performing as a violist to sing my own songs accompanied by my viola playing. I am very excited about it, and I am looking forward to the development.

It all started when I was listening to an amazingly beautiful concert. The music stuck so strongly in me that I somehow had to use words to make it flow out of me again. Obviously my texts are closely connected to music, so I decided to turn it around again and see what my texts could sound like. It has been a very liberating and inspiring process for me to compose, and the great thing is that I like what comes out! Hope you like it too:)

Campanula Viola

Basel, Autumn 2014

Besides my viola I also play a new type of string instrument: a campanula viola. It was invented and is built by violin maker Helmut Bleffert, and a campanula is different from normal string instruments because it has a set of resonance strings (i call it a second “floor” of strings). On my campanula viola I have four normal strings (exactly like on a viola) and under them seven resonance strings. The effect of the resonance strings is that the instrument itself has its own small “church”, or own acoustical space. Both because of the strings, but also because of its special natural form (they have the shape of a campanula flower) these instruments sound especially beautiful outside. The campanula inspires me to take new directions with music, and with its strong physical effect (through the resonance strings), my body, the space around it and even time feel different.