Be The Music

a six-day course to enhance your performance

Be The Music - Online is a six-day course where you will learn to treat your being as an instrument. You will be introduced to a new dimension of performing where you embody the essence of the music already before you start playing.

Discover your emotional acoustics

If you are one of those who are bored at rehearsal's or at home due to lockdown...
Be The Music will give you a new challenge which makes you more involved and awake.

Enhance your performance

If you are one of those who aim to become the most diverse and truthful performer...
Be The Music will enrich your interpretation and give your stage presence a deeper dimension.

Embody the essence

If you are one of those who strive for more meaning... Be The Music connects you with the essence of music and makes it a more holistic experience to practice and play.


1-3 short solo movements
of different character

Time investment

Between 1 and 2
hours per day

Donation Based

I give, you receive.
Donations are always welcome with gratitude.


Also available on request